Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to recover mobile and Flash memory pictures.

Data Recovery Image
The use of mobile phone and especially smart phones is increasing day by day.  With the revolution in mobile hardware resources and data networks from 2G to 4G, mobile phone has replaced the notebooks and laptops. Now mobile has become your laptop, TV, Health gadget and camera too. Taking pictures from mobile camera is common now, thanks to multi Mega Pixel built-in cameras.

 Many of us have faced a situation, where mobile pictures have been deleted accidentally or corrupted due to storage (Memory card) errors. The core recommendation in this aspect is to select camera memory to ‘Phone Memory’. It means that all of your precious pictures should be on Phone memory. Phone memory is much more reliable then external memory card.

But what to do, if pictures had already been deleted? Don’t worry. Now you can recover your deleted pictures and data from mobile phone. It is a simple process and you just have to:
1.     Connect your mobile to computer as ‘Mass Storage device’.
Install one of the following software
·        Easeus Data Revovery Easeus Data Recovery
·        Get Databack Recovery  Get Data Back
2.     Install software to computer and follow simple step by step wizard.
3.     These software are carefully chosen, and perform satisfactory in our data recovery test.
4.     You can also use this method to recover files from your Flash Memory (USB memory).

But again, it is always a better choice to keep backup of your data as 100% recovery can’t be guaranteed with any of these software.

Happy Recovery!

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